Welcome to Chem Help ASAP. This site provides resources for students and teachers with interests in chemistry. Coverage includes

  • high school chemistry (AP, IB, and A-level),
  • college general chemistry (first and second semester),
  • organic chemistry (first and second semester),
  • analytical chemistry (introductory level), and
  • medicinal chemistry.

Some of our content is provided through this website, and other resources can be found through additional venues. Our offerings can be seen by browsing the tabs across the top of the screen and include

  • tutoring by Karin in high school chemistry, general chemistry, and introductory analytical chemistry,
  • our YouTube channel, Chem Help ASAP, with free video materials in all our covered subject areas,
  • Udemy general chemistry courses by Karin,
  • an edX MOOC on medicinal chemistry taught by Erland and offered by DavidsonX, and
  • additional problem set handouts with solutions.

We hope you find this website helpful as you learn more about chemistry or teach students in your own courses. If you have an suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Karin and Erland