YouTube – medicinal chemistry

Our content on medicinal chemistry is limited but will be growing soon.

  • medicinal chemistry overview (long with ~40 videos)
    full range of topics relevant to medicinal chemistry – drug development & approval, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, lead discovery, & lead optimization
  • organic chemistry primer
    octet rule, condensed structures, Lewis structures, functional groups, effects of polarity
  • introduction to drug discovery (non-science audience)
    steps in drug discovery, proteins as drug targets, pharmacokinetics, metabolism, lead discovery, lead optimization
  • drug development process
    unmet medical needs, steps in pre-clinical research, regulatory approval, generic drugs
  • target binding & phamacodynamics
    target proteins, x-ray crystallography, enzyme inhibitors, receptor ligands, binding, efficacy, potency, off-target effects
  • drug metabolism & pharmacokinetics
    Cp-time curves, exposure, area under curve, bioavailability, metabolism, clearance, volume of distribution, controlling half-life
  • lead discovery & lead optimization
    molecular space, library screening, lead-like molecules, Lipinski’s rules, single point modification, off-target effects