Why Tutoring?

Even with the best teacher, class time often is not enough to fully understand and learn chemistry. Do you find yourself studying for hours and still not making the grade you want on tests and quizzes? Are you frustrated because you feel like you understand the material in class, but then your homework makes no sense? Tutoring bridges that knowledge gap.

In most classroom settings, a teacher presents new material and students listen and take notes. The student role is very passive the first time material is presented. Often, this passive listening is not enough to truly learn the material. My tutoring approach is to yes, show examples, but then guide the student through working problems on their own; helping, encouraging, and actively assisting the student. Tutoring sessions should be dynamic with lots of questions moving back and forth between student and tutor. My goal is not simply to get to the correct answer, but to help the student understand the concepts behind the correct answer.

You do not need to be failing a class before seeking a tutor. The best outcomes for grades and understanding come when tutoring is started early, before informational and learning gaps grow too large. Perhaps you are a high school student, but have aspirations for premedical studies or an interest in a STEM field. Building a strong foundation in high school chemistry prepares you for those college level chemistry classes.

However, if you are already in college and find yourself struggling, tutoring can help rebuild that foundation and prepare you for your next chemistry class. Walking into organic chemistry having barely passed general chemistry does not set you up for success. A good foundation makes the next class easier and less stressful. Walk into organic chemistry confident in your general chemistry skills!

Individual Tutoring

One on one attention; completely personalized tutoring sessions via Zoom

No pre-testing required; no mandatory number of sessions

For the best tutoring sessions, a tablet with stylus is recommended.

Group Tutoring

Lower cost per student

Less intimidating for shyer or more reserved students

Students can help each other remember topics and questions covered in class


Email me at Karin@ChemHelpASAP.com