By | 2020-01-30

When my daughter was stopped by the chemistry roadblock, we were so stressed. I had spent countless hours on YouTube trying to teach myself chemistry so I could help her. There were tears and anger at just the mention of chemistry. I searched high and low for a tutor until Karin appeared from, what felt like the heavens.

Her methods were so simple and easy to comprehend that even a mom in her mid-forties could understand and then teach it to her daughter!! The fact that Karin skypes and actually records the session so you can revisit them at a later date, is amazing. She makes the student a file with all their sessions. Karin is very thorough, and her delivery is relaxing and straightforward. Since I am not very well versed in the chemistry vernacular, she was even able to decipher my layman ramblings and clarify my obvious confusion before I could even tell her I was confused. I can’t say enough good things about Karin. I can only encourage you to give her a try and see her abilities for yourself.